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Designation Title
ГОСТ 10541-2020 Universal motor oils and oils for automotive carburetor engines. Specifications
ГОСТ 11063-2020 Motor oils with additives. Method for determination of stabilization by inductive period of sedimentation
ГОСТ 12.4.103-2020 Occupational safety standards system. Special protective clothes, personal means of hands and feet protection. Classification
ГОСТ 12.4.310-2020 Occupational safety standards system. Special clothing to protect from oil and oil products. General specifications
ГОСТ 12337-2020 Motor oils for diesel engines. Specifications
ГОСТ 26805-2020 Tubular rivet for one-sided riveting of thin-sheet construction metalworks. Specifications
ГОСТ 27566-2020 Superpure substances. Determination of impurities of chemical elements by atomic emission spectrometry methods in liquid-phase substances
ГОСТ 30643-2020 Building structures with thermal insulation. Method for determination of sanitary and chemical characteristics
ГОСТ 30734-2020 Roof window blocks. Specifications
ГОСТ 31371.7-2020 Natural gas. Determination of composition with defined uncertainty by gas chromatography method. Part 7. Measurement procedure of the mole fraction of components
ГОСТ 31427-2020 Residential and public buildings. Composition of energy efficiency indicators
ГОСТ 31610.15-2020 Explosive atmospheres. Part 15. Equipment protection by type of protection «n»
ГОСТ 31610.20-1-2020 Explosive atmospheres. Part 20-1. Material characteristics for gas and vapour classification. Test methods and data
ГОСТ 31610.46-2020 Explosive atmospheres. Part 46. Equipment assemblies
ГОСТ 32367-2020 Methods of testing the chemical products of the environmental hazard. Daphnia magna reproduction repression
ГОСТ 32373-2020 Methods of testing the impact of chemical products on the human body. Basic requirements for conducting tests to assess the acute toxicity in dermal intake
ГОСТ 32379-2020 Methods of testing the impact of chemical products on the human body. Reproductive/developmental toxicity assessment tests (screening method)
ГОСТ 32380-2020 Methods of testing the impact of chemical products on the human body. Tests on the assessment of toxic effects on prenatal development
ГОСТ 32395-2020 Distribution boards for dwelling-houses. General specifications
ГОСТ 32397-2020 Distribution boards for industrial and social buildings. General specifications
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