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Designation Title
GOST 10059-80 Fine-module finishing pinion-type cutters
GOST 10060-2012 Concretes. Methods for the determination of frost-resistance
GOST 10061-78 Cotton fabrics for offset printing. Technical specification
GOST 10062-75 Natural combustible gases. Method for determination of specific heat of combustion
GOST 10063-93 Polyamid yarn for textile industry. Specifications
GOST 10064-62 Ginseng, wild growing
GOST 10067-80 Reagents. Potassium hydrogenfluoride. Specifications
GOST 10070-74 Pulp and semi-pulp. Method for the determinating Kappa number
GOST 10071-89 Gauges for trapezoidal tread. Tolerances
GOST 10075-75 Reagents. Potassium phosphate tribasic 7-aqueous. Specifications
GOST 10078-85 Yarn from bast fibres and their blend with chemical fibres. Specifications
GOST 10079-71 Tapered reamers with taper shank for Morse tapers. Design and dimensions
GOST 10080-71 Tertic taper reamers with 1:20 with tapered shank. Design and dimensions
GOST 10081-84 Machine tapered reamers, taper 1:50. Basic dimensions
GOST 10082-71 Taper reamers with taper 1:30 with tapered shank. Design and dimensions
GOST 10083-81 Taper reamers. Technical conditions
GOST 10084-73 Electric portable tools. General specifications
GOST 10088-90 Cellulosic fibres. Method of determination for unevennes in colour
GOST 10089-89 Coal coke. Method for measurement of reactivity
GOST 10091-75 Reagents. Calcium phosphate monobasic 1-aqueous. Specifications
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