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Designation Title
GOST R ISO 10325-2012 8-strand braided ropes, 12-strand braided and covered ropes from high modulus polyethylene fibers. General technical requirements
GOST 14798-85 90° countersunk-head rivets (high precision). Construction and dimensions
GOST 31837-2012 Abcorptive gas purifiers. Safety requirements and test methods
ГОСТ Р 58523-2019 Abduction external orthoses on hip joint for children. Technical requirements and test methods
GOST 19171-73 Abjustable holders for angled fastening of cutter for turret lathes. Design and dimensions
GOST 18200-90 Above 200 kW rotating electric machines. Synchronous engines. General specifications
GOST 30513-97 Abrasive and diamond tools. Test methods for safety
GOST 12439-79 Abrasive belts and rollers. Dimensions
GOST 27181-86 Abrasive cloth and paper for hardworking materials. Specifications
GOST 5009-82 Abrasive cloth. Specifications
GOST 28818-90 Abrasive grains from aluminium oxide. Specifications
GOST 28654-90 Abrasive grains from aluminium oxide. Test methods of chemical composition
GOST 5744-85 Abrasive grains from boron carbide. Specifications
GOST 23505-79 Abrasive machining. Terms and definitions
GOST 21445-84 Abrasive materials and tools. Terms and definitions
GOST R 52381-2005 Abrasive materials. Grain and grain size distribution of grinding powders. Test of grain size distribution
GOST 344-85 Abrasive paper for abrasion resistance control. Specifications
GOST 6456-82 Abrasive paper. Specifications
GOST 3647-80 Abrasives. Grain sizing. Graininess and fractions. Test methods
GOST 2270-78 Abrasive tool. Main dimensions of fixing elements
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