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Designation Title
GOST 10003-90 Styrene. Specifications
GOST 10006-80 Metal tubes. Tensile test method
GOST 10007-80 Polytetrafluoroethylene. Specifications
GOST 10014-73 Bleached and white groundwood. Specifications
GOST 10015-87 Gummed paper for decalcomania. Specifications
GOST 10018-79 Cuprous cyanide, technical. Specifications
GOST 10025-2016 Tin-phosphor bronze rods. Specifications
GOST 10026-87 Straight side single-action one point presses. Parameters and dimensions
GOST 10028-81 Glass capillary viscosimeters. Specifications
GOST 10036-75 Diffusers, protective and decorative glasses made of lime silicate glass for luminaries. General specifications
GOST 1003-73 Liquid naphthenic driers. Specifications
GOST 10037-83 Autoclaves for building industry. Types and basic technical data
GOST 10044-73 High-speed steel boring tools with holders. Design and dimensions
GOST 10046-72 High speed steel slotting. Types and basic dimensions
GOST 10047-62 High speed steel cutting tools. Spesifications
GOST 10051-75 Metal covered electrodes for manual arc surfacing of upper layers with special properties. Types
GOST 10052-75 Metal covered electrodes for manual arc welding of high-alloyed steel with special properties. Types
GOST 10054-82 Waterproof abrasive paper. Specifications
GOST 1005-86 Wooden plank panels for the factory-made timber frame houses
GOST 10058-90 Single row radial ball instrument precision bearings. Technical specifications
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