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The “BLACK ROOM” was shown to chinese specialists

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ST. PETERSBURG, September 30, 2019 – A delegation from the People's Republic of China familiarized themselves with the work of Test S. Petersburg laboratories and advanced methods of quality control of food and industrial products. Representatives of Shanghai Scientific and Research Institute for Quality Control and the Shanghai Market Relations Administration became guests of Standardization, Metrology and Certification Centre of Rosstandart.
The excursion for specialists from China began in the physical and chemical laboratory, where food and drinks are tested for compliance with GOST indicators, including for entering them into the register of the National Certification System (NCS). The guests were also shown the possibility of testing hygiene products and cosmetics, textiles, oil and oil products. The “black room”, a photometric laboratory, in which the characteristics of light devices are measured, made a great impression.
The delegation visit of the museum of the center history was on a significant date - the birthday of composer Dmitry Shostakovich. A significant part of the exposition is devoted to his family and creative heritage, since the composer's father was the first head of the St. Petersburg Testing Chamber for Trade Measures and Weights, of which Test-St. Petersburg became the direct successor.
For reference: The federal budgetary institution “State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region” (FBU “Test-S.-Petersburg”, founded in 1900) exercises the authority of Rosstandart in St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Novgorod areas in the field of metrology, standardization, testing and conformity assessment. It conducts research, information, methodological and consulting work to increase the competitiveness and investment potential of enterprises and organizations in the region.

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  • The “BLACK ROOM” was shown to chinese specialists