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Russia and Uzbekistan agreed on new areas of cooperation

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REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN, October 25, 2019 – A working meeting of Deputy Head of Rosstandart Boris Potemkin with General Director of the Agency "Uzstandart" Dilshod Sattarov was held in Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan) on October 25. The event was attended by representatives of Rosstandart and its subordinate institutions, including the VNIIM n. a. D.I. Mendeleev, VNIIFTRI, STANDARTINFORM.
During the expert consultations, the Uzbek side reported on measures to improve the legislative framework in the field of standardization,metrology and certification, modernization and retooling of testing laboratories, creation of calibration laboratories, as well as improving the efficiency of technical committees on standardization, increasing the share of international standards in the national fund of normative documents of standardization, expanding the use of information technologies in the field of activity of the Agency "Uzstandard".
Taking into account the ongoing reform of the technical regulation system in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the existing needs of the Uzbek side in this regard, Rosstandart held consultations and proposed specific measures for cooperation on issues of standardization, metrology, and professional development of specialists.
In particular, the SSMI of Rosstandart and the Uzbek national Institute of metrology will develop a cooperation program to improve the laboratories of time and frequency, physical and chemical measurements (including reference samples, pH standard).
Based on the laboratories project of the innovative metrology complex prepared by the Agency "Uzstandart", Rosstandart will assist the Uzbek side in the establishment of calibration laboratories. In this regard, it is planned to conduct an analysis of infrastructure, accommodation opportunities, preparation of proposals for complex equipment of laboratories and training of personnel.
An agreement was reached on the performance of work on the assessment and diagnosis of the standard unit of time and frequency of the Republic of Uzbekistan in order to modernize it with the involvement of VNIIFTRI. The creation of a time service in the Republic of Uzbekistan will also become the study object of Russian and Uzbek metrologists in the near future.
Expert working meetings of representatives of SSMI Rosstandart and Uzbek national Institute of metrology will be held for system consultations and exchange of information based on work schedules.
In the field of education, the issue of professional development organization, scientific training and development of a joint cooperation program with the participation of ASMS, metrological institutes of Rosstandart and representatives of the Agency "Uzstandart" will be worked out.
The next meeting of representatives of Rosstandart and the Agency "Uzstandart" is planned to be held before the end of 2019 in Moscow.

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  • Russia and Uzbekistan agreed on new areas of cooperation