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The national institute should become a supporting system of standardization in the russian federation

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ST. PETERSBURG, October 10, 2019 - The establishment of the National Standard Institute is one of the key elements in the transformation of the standardization system in Russia. This was stated by the head of STANDARTINFORM Vyacheslav Vitushkin at the plenary session of the first industry forum "Standardization - 2019". 
Today's standardization is the successor to the Soviet system - efficient and well organized, said Vyacheslav Vitushkin. However, this system was for a very different economy. Now it is necessary to consider standardization in the digital economy. 
“The uniqueness of the current situation lies in the fact that Rosstandart, as a representative of the state, historically playing a key role in the system, is ready for transformation and acts as a driver of change. Their main goal is to create a national standardization system based on the principles of self-regulation, which will ensure its flexibility in relation to the challenges that we are currently discussing,” Vyacheslav Vitushkin added. Such a role may belong to the National Standard Institute, which will be the operator of this system. Moreover, its participants will be the state, business and consumers.
For the effective implementation of the tasks and functions facing the Institute, it is necessary to significantly expand its communication with participants in standardization work. The National Institute is able to provide support for standards developers throughout the entire document generation cycle. 
Among the main system functions of the National Institute are the development of standardization programs, methodological support for standardization, research, as well as the development and maintenance of information technologies, databases and data banks. An important element of the activities of the National Institute should be the methodological guidance of the technical committees for standardization and the organization of the draft standards examination.
Vyacheslav Vitushkin also called the priority areas of the Institute, which, in his opinion, will allow to reach a qualitatively new level of standardization work. First, with the help of information technology, it should ensure maximum involvement of experts in standardization work. It is also the creation of a new level of expert platform, raising awareness of business and society about standardization and its benefits.
"We are largely used to the fact that Gosstandart was a "big father", who did everything for everyone, and after that he had the right to ask for non-application and non-compliance with standards. It was a very rigid system. It is not easy to move from administrative approaches to open dialogue with all those for whom this work is carried out in a relatively short period. The transformation of the national standardization system can only happen when all participants understand the necessity for changes. This is not a system of Rosstandart or the National Standards Institute", summed up the discussion by the Head of Rosstandart Alexey Abramov.

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  • The national institute should become a supporting system of standardization in the russian federation