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8th meeting of the Russian-Czech Working Group

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MOSCOW, July 26, 2019 - Cooperation in the field of standardization, metrology and education was discussed in Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology at the 8th meeting of the Russian-Czech working party on cooperation in Standardization, Metrology and Conformity Assessment of the Intergovernmental Commission on economic, scientific and technical cooperation between Russian Federation and Czech Republic on July 24. The event was held by the working party Chairman: Boris Potemkin, deputy head of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology and Viktor Pokorny, Chairman of Standards, Metrology and Testing Department of Czech Republic.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology and its subordinate organizations, Russian Export Center also presented on the meeting, from the Czech side: Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing, Czech Standardization Agency and Czech Metrology Institute.

Speaking of national standardization, Boris Potemkin called adaptation to the high-tech industries development a high-priority task. In this regard, the project of National Institute of Standards creation was successfully completed last year. In addition, Yuri Budkin, deputy general director of  FGUP STANDARTINFORM, informed that in 2018 about a thousand documents from the Federal Information Fund of Standards were already transferred into machine-readable XML format, and new approved documents are immediately converted to XML format.

The Czech side, in turn, reported on the work of the Czech Standardization Agency with small and medium-sized enterprises, providing access to standardization documents for educational institutions and comments issuing on certain standards. The activities in the context of the technical committee CEN 352 “Nanotechnology” and 325 “Security activities” were considered. The Czech side agreed to share information on the matter with the Russian one.

The head of the Metrology Department Dmitry Gogolev spoke about the main changes in the metrological system. Following the meeting, it was decided to develop interaction between the D.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology and the VNIIR with Czech metrologists. The joint participation of the metrological institutes of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology and the Czech Metrological Institute in the European metrological program for innovation and research (EMPIR) is also supported.

The issue in the field of education such as the internships organizing and young specialists exchange programs between the metrological institutes of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology, ASMS and the Czech Metrological Institute will be worked out.

Cooperation between the Russian Export Center and Association of Accredited and Authorized Organizations has become a separate topic of discussion. The parties agreed to work out the issue of providing information on the standards that apply to potential exported and imported products.

The visit of the Czech side continued with a visit to Rostest-Moscow, where the reference base and test capabilities of one of the largest testing and certification centers in Russia are presented.

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  • 8th meeting of the Russian-Czech Working Group