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Greetings by the Head of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology Alexey Abramov on Metrology Day

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Dear colleagues,
This year’s World Metrology Day is a special one – May 20, 2019 will be the day of official transition to the new system of units (SI) based on fundamental physical constants. This decision was taken at the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures late last year.
Fundamental physical constants are permanent and the same all over the world. Transition to the new system will improve the quality of measurements and make possible the use of technology of a new accuracy level. It will help introduce advanced solutions in science and industry and reduce the cost of high-tech processes in Russia. It will also accelerate the transition to a digital economy, bring the ‘unmanned’ era closer, and improve the quality of life.
The position of Russia among the leaders of world metrology today is a huge achievement of several generations of our national metrologists. Actively participating in the epochal event that is happening before our eyes, our country performs serious tasks formulated in national projects and strategic development programmes. Their goal is to put the economy on new, digital rails, and to make it fast and competitive globally, which will improve the quality of life of Russians. Steps in this direction will require a new level of accuracy and uniformity of measurements, as well as new technology and equipment.
I am convinced that in close cooperation with research centres and businesses, our metrology school is able to adequately respond to these and other challenges. We set an even more ambitious goal – to become one of the world leaders in the export of measuring technology and measuring instruments that are in demand at the new stage of global development. This will require solving the task of creating and introducing modern measuring equipment, and I am sure that we are capable of doing this.
I would like to congratulate everybody on World Metrology Day! I sincerely wish you good health, creative energy, and new ideas and strength to solve current and future challenges. Let work bring only satisfaction and a sense of pride for the result! And may the new quality of our work be a worthy contribution to the development and prosperity of the unique profession of Metrologist!

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  • Greetings by the Head of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology Alexey Abramov on Metrology Day