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Russia and Greece are to strengthen standardization cooperation

Publication date:

19th of April 2019, Hellenic Republic

Russia and Greece are to strengthen the cooperation by development national and intergovernmental standards. The relevant document was signed during the XII session of the Joint Russian-Greek Commission on economic, industrial, scientific and technical cooperation in Thessaloniki (Hellenic Republic). Boris Potemkin, Deputy Head of Rosstandart, took part in the session.

The main topics of the meeting between government, business and expert circles became Russian-Greek trade and economic relations and advancement of the contractual legal framework. Energy, Industry, Transport, Science, Education and Agriculture were the huge part of the meeting agenda.

Following the results of the session the Implementation Plan of the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of standardization between the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology and the National Quality Infrastructure System / Hellenic Organization for Standardization for 2019-2022 years was signed (hereinafter – the Implementation Plan).

National Quality Infrastructure System in a state governmental body that is subordinate to Ministry of Development and Competitive power. NQIS is supposed to improve and develop the quality infrastructure. In this regard, Hellenic metrology institute (EMI), National body for accreditation (ESYD), Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) have become the part of NQIS. NQIS represent all abovementioned organizations in international organizations and international agreements.

Boris Potemkin noted: «The signed Implementation Plan gathers issues of informational exchange in the fields of national and intergovernmental standards development, participation in the seminars and conferences, cross visits of experts to the subordinate intuitions in order to share the experience. I am sure that cooperation with ELOT would become the new step for our countries, it would also activate the participation of Russian experts in international standardization development and would promote experts of both sides to develop new digital solutions for business, government and public structures».


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  • Russia and Greece are to strengthen standardization cooperation