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Rosstandart organized an international training for Russian experts

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MOSCOW, April 1, 2019 – On March 29 completed a three-day training workshop of the IEC Academy for experts in standardization field and IEC conformity assessment systems. The workshop, initiated by Rosstandart and conducted by Head IEC Academy & Capacity Building Jan-Henrik Tiedemann, lasted from March 27 till March 29, 2019. The training was hosted by FSUE STANDARTINFORM.
The first day was devoted to the key activities of IEC as one of the leading international organizations on standardization. Participants discussed the use of IT tools in international standardization documents development. Jan-Henrik Tiedemann paid special attention to IEC Young Professional Programme, taking into consideration the world's leading trends and promising areas for professional development.
The second day topics were IEC online tools and modern specificity of working on standards.
The third and final training day was focused on the formats of an open dialogue organization between foreign and Russian experts, as well as expanding Russia's participation in the development of international standardization documents. Among the formats of additional engagement in IEC activities are information exchange of expert documents, participation of Russian experts in IEC research activities and overseas internship.
«Russia was one of the first countries that joined IEC, this happened in 1911. With current economic trends, working at IEC is becoming an essential condition of competitive advantage in foreign markets and a factor in scientific activity development. Rosstandart considers participation in international standards development as one of its strategic goals. In 2018, the National Institute of Standardization of the Russian Federation was established. For our country, this is a big step forward and new opportunities in meeting the challenges at the international level», - said Anton Shalaev, deputy Head of Rosstandart.

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  • Rosstandart organized an international training for Russian experts