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Russia welcomes IEC Academy at IEC Training Workshop

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Moscow, March 28, 2019 – A three-day training workshop of the IEC Academy started at FSUE Standartinform. The event is conducted by Jan-Henrik Tiedemann, Head IEC Academy & Capacity Building. The training is addressed to experts
in the field of standardization and IEC conformity assessment systems.
Welcoming workshop participants, deputy Head of Rosstandart Anton Shalaev thanked IEC management for the opportunity to organize the event. He underlined the high relevance of standardization in the modern, rapidly developing world and the importance of Russian experts participation in the international level educational event.
Technical committee 194 "Cyber Physical Systems" chairman Nikita Utkin spoke about promising areas of national standardization development and its role in modern integration processes.
In his turn, Jan-Henrik Tiedemann paid attention to the IEC key activities as one
of the leading international organizations for standardization. Speaking about technical committees’ structure and IEC Central Bureau functioning, head of IEC Academy shared information on the use of IT tools those are applied in the development of international standardization documents. He stressed their importance with regard to the providing positions and comments on regulatory and technical documents to the International Electrotechnical Commission. Using the examples
of the modern organization site structure, workshop participants got acquainted with the main aspects of the IEC development dynamics.
Special attention was paid to IEC Young Professional Programme, taking into consideration the world's leading trends and promising areas for professional development.
Workshop participants noted a clear and precise presentation of the training material, interesting and creative approach and expressed their gratitude to the speaker and hope to participate in subsequent seminars, which could supposedly take place
in Russia.

The cycle of seminars will continue on March 28 and 29.

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  • Russia welcomes IEC Academy at IEC Training Workshop